Why the fuss?


Scenario P – You sing like a girl. That’s so gay.

Scenario Q – Wait, you’re not straight? OMG! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have a ‘gay friend’.

Scenario R – Wait, you’re not straight? So weird. Are you normal? Do you take meds?

Scenario S – You’re not straight…… so?

Ever heard these on sitcoms, or in real life? Sure you have. Rarely the last scenario though, isn’t it? But here’s the thing – WHY is it such a big deal? Whether you’re straight or not, why make remarks about it as if it’s (being homo, bi-, pan-, trans-, or even asexual) unheard of? On the contrary, it is heard of. And is probably why bigotry surrounds every single individual. Few tend to accept it, some turn a blind eye, some make a fuss, the rest condemn it AND make a fuss.

Just as you can’t choose who you fall in love with, you can’t choose what is biologically existent in someone else! Unfortunately, not all realize this, and they are unaware of that an opinion is not a fact. But is it really that hard to understand?
Perhaps for some it is. Why? What is it? Why the fuss? Why the negative judgements? Is it because of the fear of the unknown? Unable to understand and hence the fear, and consequently, the condemnation?

If X is not heterosexual, it doesn’t impede on anyone’s actions, so why does a random person’s orientation come across as an oddity to another?

Shouldn’t we all worry about our own dysfunctional relationships, and not be opinionated about someone else’s? There isn’t any good or bad love. Each story is different from the other. And each is divine. And nobody has the right to judge it.

And what’s the point in being a homophobe, or a ignorant person who deprecatingly misuses the term ‘gay’, if at the end of the day, you relieve yourself to homosexual porn?


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  1. It’s a very obvious question- why the fuss? And I think it’s because people are curious about all that is somewhat unknown to them. India is one of those countries where subjects like homosexuality, transsexuality or bisexuality are not meant to be discussed openly. Lots of facts are kept hidden and misunderstood, hence the fuss. If a fourteen year old boy is attracted towards another boy of his class, he has no way of knowing how to feel about this. He has no one to tell him that it’s okay, normal..healthy. Lots of questions remains unanswered.

    As long as information is kept hidden from the general mass, the fuss will remain. So I think people should at least try to tell their families that it’s just another topic that hasn’t been talked about in a while. A topic that has been misrepresented and misunderstood for centuries. But that doesn’t mean it has to be kept in the darkness any longer. The day it becomes a part of regular dinner time conversations, the fuss will cease to exist.

    1. ankitag94 says:

      Very well said, Ritarekha. I agree with you completely.

  2. This question has always bothered me. Why the fuss? I really don’t understand this deep interest in what someone else chooses to do. I mean if your neighbour chooses to sleep with a person of his/her own gender or if she decides to have an abortion, why can’t YOU crap? This extraordinary interest that people have in other people’s lives REALLY irks me.

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