Growing Up, Wearing Down.

Waking up to a sunless sky
The brightness of the clouds
Tire my eyes
Birds chirp silently
Traffic on the roads, in red
amber and green, cry
Bothered, I shift my glance
Banal debates occupy
The television screen.
Nothing resounds on my eardrums
I sigh.
The hope of tomorrow shells itself
I find no joy of my own
At another’s discomfort spreads
A smile on my lips, wry.
I am not the kind who
Is generally unmoved by nothing
And everything
But rarely with others do I empathise.
My troubles are greater to those
Of others, so I
Silently express to them my pity.
Maturity came with a price
It showed how illusions
Of silver linings, play tricks
On our hearts and minds.
I used to be a sensitive soul long ago,
Now cloaked in a comforting blanket,
Masked with insensitivity.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. arun says:

    Lovely! Such rhythm to your words.

    1. ankitagupta says:

      Thank you. I hope it was a pleasant (?) read.

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