String of Pearls

“You must take care while stringing the flat ones…be careful in handling the little ones, they’re the most mischievous. One little slip and they’ll roll off to the farthest corner in the room. Take care while sewing in with the beading needle. Yes…that’s right…carefully thread the silk string through the beading needle. Yes…very good. Now thread in the closed hook right until where the string is knotted. Carefully thread the little white emblems Nature’s peaceful creation in as well. They look like tiny little moons, don’t they? You must know – sometimes, when the eye of the needle is larger than it should be, the string comes off and the pearls roll out. Complete chaos follows. The white gems turn into elements of anarchy and you need to bead it all in, all over again. Just in case, let’s say for argument’s sake, if you string a wrong pearl in, you need to learn to remove it by letting it roll out, put the more appropriate pearl in (depending on the how you want the string to look of course!), and knot it at the close.
The traditional structure of the necklace must remain the same.
If you want to bring about innovative changes, you must change pearls and string it up without cutting the whole string.
Only a balanced amalgam of traditional designs and progressive ideas can result in you beading a perfect String of Pearls.
Clasp the end and you’ll have made something to be proud of.”
– instructed Kaustubha, the jeweller, to his daughter, Ratna.
Little did he know that society and its customs are beaded in the same way.


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