The Irony of Freedom

He watched the news bulletin.
He thought he was a part of the minority.
He was moved by what they said on the idiot box.
He knew he had to ensure security – for himself, and for his brethren.
He demanded a separate state.
He raised a ruckus.
He was supported by many.
He was eloquent in speech.
He moved others who watched the idiot box.
He gathered his brethren.
He raised more ruckus.
He was given a separate state.
He took a map.
He marked parallels along the latitudes.
He marked parallels along the longitudes.
He had made a square.
He demanded all his brethren, from all over the nation to fit into the square.
He raised fences along the lines he had drawn.
He enclosed himself and his brethren in the small square area.
He called himself ‘Free’.


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