Jelly-beans that make the sweaty palms stickier. Ulysses in the satchel. Palms are coloured by now. Toss a gummy bear in the mouth. Ulysses becomes heavier. A whistle. Another cat-caller. Not a menace. Very common. Weary feet walking fast, past the sleeping shops. A wet-wipe appears. Colour cleaned. No sticky fingers. Umbrella opens. Very hot afternoon. Humid weather, dry throat. Drinks chilled water. Dizziness. How are you? Smile back. Good bye. Another acquaintance. Speeding cars in the midday sun. Wait! A policeman slaps a fine. Abuses hurled. Bus drives away. Look to the right. Look to the left. Auto almost kills. Don’t cross the road. Not now. Almost home. Couples under trees. Judgemental smirk. Surrounded by dogs. Pat and pet. Last turn. Walk up the stairs. Noisy bell. Throw satchel on the bed. Ulysses falls out. Handkerchief bookmark. Empty bottle rolls. Something missing. Who stole the wallet?


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