The Curious Guest

What is your name?
Why are you here?
Where are you going?
Who is it that you so fear?
How do you dare, so often, to lie?
Are you afraid of being surrounded by spies?
So, don’t you worry – nobody is out to get you,
Generic black-coated men, wearing uncomfortable shoes.
If you allow me, let me serve some hot tea –
You can tell me your story; tales are my patent fee.
Want some biscuits, do you? Wait, let me get some;
Answers? (Is that what you’re looking for?)
Look – we’ll discuss it over a glass of rum.
At least wait until it stops raining!
*brief pause*
What you need to do now is leave!
You mustn’t be surprised – I turned him out when I saw what was on,
Read the headliner on a bright news-flash – “Convict Escapes from Prison”!

[NOTE :  It is all in the beginnings.]


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