(Un)Frenzying the Mind

You worry too much, my friend

Why compare yourself to the best of men?

You need not settle on a single one

You are a legion of goodness in the oyster of humanity

You need not worry about the hidden souls

The returns you’d get from the unkind ‘best’ would be of contempt and pity.


It is okay to wear the mask of a man of intelligence

It is okay to pretend.

For you may not know, but even the best of them

Fumble and stutter when the going gets tough, and reality gets tense.


It is okay to feel intimidated

But never feel sorry for yourself

If need be – summon the gods of the gab,

Or simply ask a fellow person for help.


It is okay to know what self-destruction is

Not to be in one, though.

If you need, and ask for, a shoulder

Or a helping hand

Allow them to douse the flames of deprecation

Let them put balm on the wounds too.

You need not be your own healer, you know.


There is a lot you can do

There is a lot within your soul.

You need not distinguish yourself from others,

For we are all (competitive) sisters and brothers.


If you are still unconvinced,

Let that doubt be –

Do not consume yourself with “What’s the point?”

Do not question your sanity.


If you envy reflections in fiction

Why do you not envy your own on the mirror?

Can you not recognise yourself?

Are you not a dashing being (that procrastinated on some occasions)?

Are you not who everyone relies on in times of duress?

Do not sell yourself short, my friend

You need not always be the best version of yourself.


Try to be human, humane, and wise

Knowledge is all there is.

Before you give up on borders to settle, and speak of geography

Ask yourself –

Have I really explored  the best things about I, myself and me?


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