Why is everybody so concerned with moral policing, lately?
Why does it matter if people get lynched for what they eat (or, suspected of eating)?
Does it really matter what the media says?
Why do you need to bring to light what mainstream media doesn’t?
Do women have any right(s) over their own body (or life)?
What place on the social construct to Dalits hold?
Why shouldn’t ‘librandus’ be put in prisons?

Why shouldn’t ‘bhakts’ be overly nationalistic – irrespective of whatever rashtra they want to live and build?
When trains get torched, and buses destroyed (and people beaten and/or burnt), does this really matter – ‘This is not right!’ ?
Why is it so wrong to be right, of late?
Why haven’t we all left, and travelled to our neighbouring country, when we are repeatedly told to do so?
The country has been free for the past seventy years.

Having written all the questions on post-its, the blogger crumpled the bits and tossed them into the paper-basket. “Satire is and always has been, overrated”, he thought.

The blogger checked the Calendar on his phone – Independence Day was on a Sunday.


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